Sheet piling installations


  At Burnside, we design, supply and install interlocking Larssen sheet piling retaining walls for both temporary and permanent applications. 

Where required as a permanent wall, these are often clad with facing brick for aesthetic purposes. 

Although usually more costly than King Post walls, sheet piling can offer advantages in poorer soil conditions as the lateral earth pressure is spread over the continuous wall foundation (embedment) length rather than concentrated in discreet foundation centres.  

The critical factor in sheet pile design and installation is having a clear understanding of the soil conditions as excessive boulders or shallow rock head would preclude sheet piling installations altogether. 

However, there are other practical constraints which need to be understood particularly around access and headroom in selecting the best plant and machinery for the job. It is common place today to pre-auger the ground ahead of sheet pile install where say deeper drive depths may be required for high retainment walls in less favourable ground conditions in order to make the installation viable.  

Where retaining walls are smaller (less than 2m retainment) cost savings can be made installing sheet pile using a hydraulic excavator mounted hammer. Where access is restricted to the low side ground on higher walls, specialist side grip MOVAX machinery is required to install the sheet pile, not relying on pile hammer access to the top of the uninstalled pile.

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