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Cofferdam Installation

Welcome to our proudly Scottish piling installation company, Burnside Plant, where we specialise in the installation of cofferdams for a variety of commercial or domestic applications.

A cofferdam is a temporary structure that is designed to create a dry work area in a water-filled location. They are commonly used in construction projects that involve working below the waterline, such as bridge and dam construction, as well as in environmental and marine applications.

One of the most common uses for cofferdams is in the construction of bridge piers. Cofferdams allow workers to build the pier in a dry work area, eliminating the need for divers to work underwater. This not only improves worker safety but also reduces construction time and costs.

Another common use for cofferdams is in the maintenance and repair of water infrastructure, such as pipelines and intake structures. Cofferdams create a dry work area, allowing workers to make repairs and replacements without the need for expensive dewatering equipment or service disruptions.

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The installation of a cofferdam begins with a detailed survey of the site to determine the best location and design for the structure. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and requirements. We take into account factors such as water depth, flow rate, and soil conditions to design a cofferdam that will be safe, effective, and efficient.

Once the design is finalised, our team mobilises to the site and begins installation. The first step is to prepare the site for construction. This may involve clearing vegetation, dredging sediment, or installing a temporary access road.

Next, the cofferdam is constructed using steel sheet piles or other materials. Sheet piles are driven into the ground using a vibratory hammer or hydraulic hammer, creating a barrier that separates the work area from the surrounding water. The sheet piles are joined together using interlocking systems to create a watertight seal. We own and operate a fleet of the latest piling machinery to ensure we have exactly the right tools to complete our cofferdam installation projects on time and on budget.

After the sheet piles are installed, the cofferdam is dewatered to create a dry work area. This may involve pumping out water using submersible pumps or using natural drainage methods such as gravity flow.

Once the cofferdam is dewatered, work can begin on the project. Our team works closely with our clients to ensure that all work is completed safely and efficiently. We take into account factors such as weather conditions and tidal fluctuations to minimise risks and ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

When the project is complete, the cofferdam is removed in a careful and controlled manner. This may involve removing the sheet piles using a crane or excavator or using a vibratory hammer to loosen them from the soil. The cofferdam is then dismantled and removed from the site.

At our Scottish company, we take pride in our expertise and experience in cofferdam installation. We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure that each project is completed safely and efficiently. We have a strong commitment to safety and ensure that our team is trained and equipped to handle any situation that may arise.

In addition to cofferdam installation, we offer a range of related services to support our clients’ needs and the unique requirements of each project. This includes design and engineering services to ensure that each project meets all relevant regulations and requirements. We also offer excavation, dredging, and other groundworks to prepare the site for cofferdam installation or the removal of an existing installation once works have been completed.

We understand that each project is unique and requires a customised approach. That is why we work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and goals. We provide detailed quotes to our clients, so they know exactly what they are paying for. We work hard to keep our prices competitive without sacrificing quality or safety.

Contact our dedicated team today to discuss the needs of your next construction project and find out more about how Burnside Plant can deliver exceptional results in any situation. Whether domestic or commercial, large or small scale, we have the experience and know-how to ensure your project is completed smoothly, safely and speedily.